FBA First leg transportation

What is Amazon FBA?

FBA full name is Fulfillment by Amazon, meaning warehouse and Fulfillment business provided by Amazon.

What benefits does amazon FBA bring to us Amazon sellers?

First of all, FBA can increase the sales of this Listing by 2-10 times.Since FBA business can not only bring revenue and profits to Amazon, but also improve its customer experience, Amazon will officially pour more traffic to FBA sellers.Secondly, the customer service team of FBA will take the initiative to help you delete the bad reviews of FBA products in terms of logistics and reduce the bad reviews in terms of logistics.Thirdly, the delivery time of the goods is greatly improved. While improving the customer experience, it can also increase the retention rate, improve the account's praise rate and overall performance, and finally increase the weight of the whole account.Finally, through FBA, you can save the storage cost in China, simplify the warehouse personnel, and achieve the ultimate goal of cost saving!

    • Win speed through has carried out in-depth cooperation with DHL, UPS, FEDEX,TNT and other international express delivery services to provide Amazon sellers with FBA initial transportation services.You can deliver your goods to Amazon's overseas warehouses through international express, air and sea transportation.

Service advantages

Safely transport goods from China to Amazon warehouses.

Can assist to deal with customs clearance and tax issues, reduce customs clearance issues and the resulting returned parts.

Provide unique value-added operation services, according to the amazon warehousing requirements of the box, bar code and other operations.

The transit center can assist the seller to deal with rejected items and abnormal returned goods from Amazon warehouse, so as to avoid high logistics costs of direct return to China.

Special attention:

FBA goods must be forecast in our company normally, and our transit center will operate normally. Without forecast goods, our transit center has the right to reject the goods, not to assist in any customs clearance activities, and not to bear any responsibility for the loss of goods.

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