Warehouse Service

Warehousing services

It owns the property of kuide industrial center, close to the airport and container terminal, and provides third-party logistics and storage services.

Complex sorting, packaging and distribution services, container entrepot and terminal delivery services.

We provide the following warehousing services:

Third party logistics warehousing service

Complex sorting and packaging operations to distribution (fast-moving consumer goods/electronics/fashion logistics)

Rapid delivery of goods replenished daily

Accurate barcode scanning inventory management system

Relabelling and scheduled repackaging services

Handle and arrange delivery services

Inventory management :(prepare report according to incoming and outgoing goods/flow of goods/batch number/type of goods/specific date of stock)

Inventory monitoring :(prepare report according to goods expiration date/reorder level/goods distribution/goods quota, etc.)

Container entrepot and terminal delivery services

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